Santa Clarita Takes 3-2 Win vs. Strikers
Blue Heat hold on for victory

Saturday, June 1, 2013

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. - The Santa Clarita Blue Heat earned a 3-2 victory against their cross-town rivals, the LA Strikers, Friday night at Masters College.  

Coach Tony Rodwell and the Blue Heat worked hard all week to prepare for this important match and their efforts were rewarded. The game was intense to begin, with Corina Villegas, Ana Borges and Stacey Rodwell linking up well in some threatening attacks. The Strikers were equally as threatening in the opening half, with attacks shut down convincingly by goalkeeper Cynthia Jacobo.

As the half was coming to a close Borges crossed the ball to Rodwell, who struck the ball off target, but midfielder Kassandra Massey read the play well and attacked the ball with speed, connecting perfectly from the left to slot the ball home. This gave the Blue Heat the halftime lead.

Both teams reentered the game hungry and the competition was physical. Midfielder Natalia Junco-Gomez was strong throughout the game and her efforts paid off in the 51st minute as she won the ball in the midfield and played it to Rodwell, who struck the ball to perfection from outside the area to make it 2-0.

Junco-Gomez repeated her efforts in the 56th minute, playing the ball to striker Lizz Franco who slotted it across the goal, giving the Blue Heat a convincing 3-0 lead.

Though the game appeared to be over the Strikers did not let up. In the 69th minute Kristy Moore scored to make it 3-1, and despite solid defense from Katie Russo and Tara Corcoran Moore scored again in the 83rd minute.

The Blue Heat return to Masters College Sunday to face the Pali Blues at 5 p.m.