Blue Heat Unlucky in Opening Loss
Fall 1-0 at Bay Area Breeze

Saturday, May 25, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO - The Santa Clarita Blue Heat faced the Bay Area Breeze in the season opener Saturday, and despite a fairly evenly matched game a 57th-minute goal from Marissa Mykines gave Bay Area the win.

The Blue Heat started strong with the wind in their favor, and dominated much of the first half. Portuguese forward Ana Borges was poised to wreak havoc on the right side, linking up several times with Stacey Rodwell and Liz Franco, however promising surges were not taken advantage of in the 18-yard box.

It appeared to be a matter of time before the Blue Heat broke the deadlock, but as half time arrived they were unable to capitalize on their possession.

Fresh from the half-time break the Blue Heat ladies seemed confident. With a solid first-half effort from the backline consisting of Tara Corcoran, Samantha Pena, Yadira Toraya and captain Katie Russ, the only thing missing was a goal to seperate the two teams.

As the clocked ticked a sense of urgency began to take over and play became less connected. In the 57th minute a lapse in focus from the Blue Heat players allowed a goal-scoring opportunity for the Breeze, which they seized. Mykines struck the ball cleanly into the right side of the goal, giving keeper Cynthia Jacobo little chance to react.

Coach Tony Rodwell made some late substitutions for the Blue Heat in hopes of boosting their attack. Kristina Hulse and Kassi Massey’s presence were felt, yet a lack of support in the top third made it difficult to execute. In the dying minutes Natalia Gomez-Junco made some surging runs, with little to show for her efforts.

The full-time whistle blew and Blue Heat walked away with the loss, however Head Coach Tony Rodwell remained positive.

“We will be okay, we have a good squad," Rodwell said. "It was a difficult first game with the early travel. We didn’t test the keeper enough but it was an encouraging performance to work from.

“We have five home games which will set the standard for where we are in the league.”

The Blue Heat will return to action on Friday, May 31 for a home game against LA Strikers at 5 p.m.